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Starlight (Red Tour Spoiler Alert)

Hey Guys,

For those of you who have been closely monitoring the coverage of the kickoff of the Red Tour, a lot of you, like me, were probably disappointed that Taylor didn’t play Starlight.  I absolutely love that song, it’s one of my favorites, along with The Moment I Knew, and I was trying to think why she wouldn’t have included it.  

I was thinking it might be because it was a song she wrote for Ethel Kennedy.  There was a lot of publicity, a lot of it negative, about Taylor and the Kennedys over the summer, and I’m wondering if her not playing this song is a way of distancing herself from some of that drama, or if it’s perhaps a little awkward for her because she wrote it for her ex’s grandmother.  Either way, I suppose I can understand why she didn’t play it, but I’m hoping that it might become clear to her how much we all enjoy the song, and maybe she will make it part of the tour.


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  2. williamnherondale answered: I couldn’t agree more Starlight and The moment I knew are my favourites. I was hoping she would open with Starlight. So sad!!!
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